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Fix the touch sensitivity

I have an IPhone 7. I’ve crashed on many occasions because the dive touch didn’t respond. I’ve notice this only happens when I press near the center along the left side, and the center along the right side... please fix and it’ll be a 5 star


Granted I still have an iPhone 5, but as simplistic as this game is I don't see why this is so laggy. Probably from loading up 50 million ads while I'm playing it. Near impossible to play on the 5. Played it on my gf's 7 and it was pretty fun. Way too many ads so put your phone on airplane mode. Just don't waste your time trying with an iPhone 5.


I went ahead and spent the $3 because I like supporting developers. Yes it’s high, but I haven’t paid for a game in a while. Anyway, I spent the $3 and only half the ads were eliminated!!! It still plays ads if you choose to revive! And a 30 second ad at that! This is unacceptable and I already went ahead and requested my money back through Apple.


Not kid friendly ads at all. Don't let your kids play!

Game is good ads are too heavy

Like stated above its a good game but dang what's with the ad over load. Play in airplane to avoid ads and not pay for ad free


Can’t play between rounds without an ad. Unplayable unless you pay. Just like Spotify but a mundane game. Too much ads!

Irritating and stressful

I have been playing trying to get the skull and star. I seen online that I have to wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute. I have waited 2 and still haven't got it, so I have it to my dad and he waited for me and then I got it. I got so mad and so the star. I went like 5cm farther than beyond and still haven't got it. I have been getting irritated and stressed because of how you barely go straight up and just farther straight. I would like if you could stop w the ads because you just want money for no ads and make the road so that when you hit a part of it and bounce off you don't lose.

Good, but needs sound.

Great game but totally silent! Get some free music or something so it’s not as boring

So addictive and fun!

This game is so much fun! It’s such a simple concept but simplicity goes a long way. And I’m so glad I got premium. I love the graphics too. All around a perfect game. ❤️


This game is a literal copied version of a game called “Tiny Wings” look it up! But nonetheless, fun as hell!


The game is good but every time I go to play again some stupid ad come up. This would be a really “smooth” game if I didn’t have to close out of the AppStore every five minutes.

false about no ads after purchase

advertises no ads if you purchase for 2.99 more. still get them after you purchase it. no worth purchasing this game if you ask me.


I absolutely love this game! It’s so fun and keeps me busy

Dune is life!

This game has its ups and downs just like life, it is incredibly fun, when you're not waiting on ads that is. I love this game.

Change your ads

Loved the game.. but the ads were extremely inappropriate! Nearly naked girls who looked barely 18.


follow their insta @dunethegame

Used to be smooth

This game used to be smooth on my iPhone 6s before 2 updates. Now it’s crappy and not smooth and drains battery

Fun fidgety game

Looking to zone out ... good game

Too many ads

Way too many ads

The ads....

This game is literally so addicting and fun, I never get bored of it and I do recommend it for anyone who wants play a simple, but fun game! One HUGE problem, every 2 games (or sometimes 3 depending on how good you do) there is literally a 30 or 15 second ad, this kills my game buzz and I just get off, can you at least make it have less ads? Everything else is wonderful.

Great game 👍



Add galore and no sound


It buzzes when you die!!! That can be sooooo annying

Ads fam

Too many ads


This Is not a very good game because u hit the top the first three times nothing happens and the fourth time it kills you that is why it is bad


Very good

Fun but slightly irritating

I have been playing this game off and on for about 2 weeks now and I find it to be a fun way to waste some time. It is a simplistic game that can take the average person a while to figure out how to land smoothly. The reason why I give this game a 3 Star instead of 4 is because of the sheer amount of ridiculous unskippable ads that you are forced to watch to continue playing. I average a 30 second advertisement every 3 ‘deaths’ in the game. And since it is really easy to have to lose even after the first couple of seconds playing, it gets rather irritating quickly. Although you can pay money to get rid of advertisements, it costs $2.99. I just don’t personally feel as if this game has enough joy and content in it to merit paying $3 for, it would be better in all honesty if it was 99 cents because I wouldn’t mind supporting developers. All in all it is fun and mildly addicting but having to wait and watch 30 second advertisements every couple of minutes gets old quickly.

Too many ads

I played the game for the first day a few ads. Then the second day and I got an ad every game. I can't believe I still play it. Delete the game and download it again to remove the ads.


Good idea but lags a ton for me when you get a good just I would rate 5 star if you have an option to turn off the streak on the character



Good, but still ads with premium

Great game, but after you buy premium you still get adds.. so basically you’re getting a single crystal ball for 3$

So great

I love this game



Great game...

I love this game it's good to play when I'm board but it laggy so pleas update it so it's less laggy thanks


You can’t get in a rerun when you have to wait 30 seconds to start another round. Way too many ads on this game. Would love to play more but the ads make me close it.


I mean this is ok for about 2 minutes. Beyond that it’s pretty pointless. Basically the new flappy bird...

Not bad of a game

Just really really hate that it doesn't have sounds


Rd H

I hate ads

There are to many ads


There are to many Ads and I don’t want to pay to get rid of them and when I hold down on the scr en it does not dive down.


I hardly understand how the game works and what you are supposed to do, are you supposed to go over the line, how do you gain points, they need to let people know


Best game ever.no glitches unless 2004 edition iPad iPod

No vibrate

I dont like how it vibrates when you lose but other than that I love it

Free ??

Tell me why put a free game when you play 5 secs and see 30 secs of ads(every round) ?? Ok...just pay and ads will be gone...$3 bucks? seriously ?.. no way...!!


Poly wack wow its poop

Want to watch lots of ads? Download this

Game requires you to watch an ad every time you die. The ad is 30 seconds. This game is unplayable. Don’t waste your time. Move along to another game.


Fun and addictive game cold be easier to get a smooth landing though.

Good game


This game is awesome!

This game is fun and fun to play with family and friends! It’s my favorite game.

Fix revive

whenever you revive, you can never go back to sticking landins and multiply your score idk if it’s meant to be like that but its annoying only getting 2pts per jump

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