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I recently downloaded this app because it looked interesting, I played it for a while, got bored, played it again (today) then got bored of it entirely. It’s way too hard and nearly impossible to get anywhere, plus there’s so many ads! Even when I don’t choose the “watch an ad to revive” thing it still plays an ad anyway. Plus, what are the other ball things flying around for? They’re slightly annoying because it makes me feel like I’m the only one who can’t get past the moon or whatever. Very disappointed in this game. I apologize if any of this is disturbing, but I ask that you please try to improve the game. Thank you.

Too many Ads

There are too many Ads! I load into one game and I get an Ad in the middle of me starting my game! So I end up crashing and then getting another Ad! You are making money off of many people already playing your game, so you just put in nonstop Ads? This game is the definition of money hungry. I remember when you could play almost 10 rounds with the score of about 300 and not get an Ad! You made it way harder and you put in more Ads? That’s messed up. I’ll just go find a better game if you don’t fix it. You probably won’t fix it because you could care less; because people with keep playing your game. Until people realize how money hungry your company is.


Fun game to pass the time. I bought the ad free version and it was great for a little while. Time passed and I just hopped back on to play for a minute only to discover that I no longer have the ad free version. Seriously? I call BS. I want my $2.99 back or however much it was. I would rather give it to a homeless guy than a bunch crooks.

Too many ads

I kept this game on my phone for a long time since it was a great way to pass a couple minutes of free/waiting time. I just had to delete it because there are way too many ads.

Really that much ads?

Great game but too many ads. I deleted the game because of that.

too many ads !!!!!

I enjoy the game but it seems like every 3 seconds there’s an ad !!! It’s incredibly annoying.

Fix this please !

There is a problem with the revives and it brings you right back to the beginning and i always get so close to my high score and die then I watch the full ad and it brings me right back to the beginning. PLEASE FIX THIS

Too many ads

The ads you so much

Stupid game

This game is actually depressingly stupid

Fun, but too many ads

Voodoo always has too many ads, but in dune they just randomly appear in the middle of games


I think this is so addictive and fun first game I play when I get on my phone and the last one when I turn my phone off🤩👍👍

Can’t play it

The game is amazing. But I had to give it two stars. It glitches a lot. I expected it to glitch a lot the first few plays, but this is a bit too bad. The game supports my phone, but it just doesn’t work. Maybe you guys could give a few suggestions? Great game however.


i just got it and in the middle of the game an ad popped up and i kept closing the app and re-opening it and it kept doing the same thing 😒


Besieged by ads


It’s a nice game, good concept. But the ads are a huge problem. There’s an ad right after I load up the game, and they always comes after I wait a few seconds for the ad to load and then get bored and start playing. It’s like all Voodoo games are just giant advertisements. The second problem is seeing the other balls/players (not sure if they’re other players or just computers), because if they have the same skin as you, it’s actually pretty difficult to see which ball is yours. Otherwise, it’s a good game and I’d recommend playing it. But the ads have to stop.

I have

It suckkkkkkkks

Really fun!! But the ads are ridiculous

This game is so fun. I could play it for hours if it wasn’t for the ads after every other round


“You have 5 seconds to watch this ad to revive” *waits the five seconds* STILL HITS YOU WITH AN AD


You can’t even play the game there’s an ad every 5 seconds

Love it!

I got all of the maps and ball skins! I love it as much as anything! I just waste my time for school lol! The best stress-relieving game ever! Voodoo is the BEST company in the WORLD!


Beyond laggy. To many ads. Ads in the middle of me playing

A little difficult but fun

Is a little difficult but that’s the thing you want about games so I think you should get down because it’s very fun don’t you think so well yeah look at the ads they have perfect telling and it looks really simple but not just simple let’s make it fun it’s also hard which is the funnest part about games is in it and you can unlock new people my favorite person which basically is a skin but it is a ghost and it is very fun to use I like the way it goes everywhere


Find is an awesome game. But how you did is a little stupid at times. It’s just, you did then your ball keeps rolling away, like, shouldn’t you be aloud to keep going after that😕

Awesome Game

This is a pretty awesome game! It’s fun, visually appealing, and challenging. The ads are a bit of a problem but I just turn my phone on airplane mode so they can’t pop up.


this game gets pretty boring after you get all the skins:(

Honest Dune Review

I used to absolutely be obsessed with this game, but ever since they made it a competition, I really don’t enjoy it. It might’ve been four stars if they didn’t make it harder. Why did they make it harder? Probably so you’d keep playing. But personally, I liked it when it wasn’t impossible. But that’s just me. If you like the new version of the impossible competition, congrats to you. Not trying to convince anyone not to play because it’s actually quite enjoyable but the competition aspect has made it more stressful instead of stress-relieving, which is what it used to be to me. On the plus side, it doesn’t have many adds, which is quite unusual for a free game, and you get new balls, ground, and sky so you have variety. This review could’ve been four stars if they didn't make it impossible to play, but because it is, I chose three stars. ⭐️⭐️⭐️ I hope this review was helpful to anyone debating downloading this game. Once again, this is just an honest Dune review from my perspective. I would recommend downloading the game just to try it out. Some people may enjoy the competition. Thanks for reading. Hope it helped!🤓🤪


Can you add options for sound effects on/off and add more interesting obstacles in the game? Also there should be more skins available and power-ups or something. The game is awesome but I can see it getting boring if there are not interesting additions soon.


I got an ad in the middle of playing the game, not after I stopped by in the middle of me playing. not cool


How many times do you have to advertise yourself with your other games. Please tell me why. It’s super annoying. I was getting almost to my high score and an ad popped up.

It’s ok

Simple and fun game but, if your going to play it expect to constantly watch adds. This game makes you watch more adds than any other app I have ever played.

sluggish performance

game is laggy and doesnt perform well on ipad

To many adssssss

There are way to many adds every 2 times I play there’s an addd

Wait to many adds.

The game is really good, but the problem is THERE IS TOO MANY ADDS!!!! If y’all don’t have enough money, and have to force pple to watch ads as soon as they get on, and once they start playing stop them midway in the game to watch an ad, then how about you make a BETTER game that will get you more money, and less annoyed comments stating that there are two many ads. Also, you made the game easier to get balls. One problem though is that I got all the balls, and have nothing else to do in that game other then beat my high score, and play quests and stuff like that. Now that I got all the balls wallpaper, etc, I have nothing else to reach for. So pls add more balls in, while your fixing not putting a lot of ads. Because of those two problems, I’m only gonna give you, maybe, 4 Stars? Cuz it’s a pretty good game. Take this comment into consideration and hopefully you fix the things that needs to be fixed. Thank you for taking the time to read this long a** comment. 😂


When u start the game it lags. If it was 1 to 1000! I would rate it 1

Best Game Ever!

This game is so much fun! I unlocked everything in such a short matter of time! The game is so addictive! At first it’s hard to get used to but after you get used to it it’s so much fun! This game has everything to offer! There’s fun challenges also! The new update of collecting coins is so much fun! Yes there is a lot of ads but you get to close out of them in a matter of 5 or less seconds! I definitely recommend this game! There is no cons about this amazing game! (No I’m not one of those fake people game creators hire to write good reviews!) I generally love this game and play it all the time! If your looking for a game that challenges you and is fun download this game! Keep up the great work creators!😁😍

Put it on airplane mode

Play on airplane mode no adds

Way to many ads

It would be an awesome game but sadly ruined by the ads played after every time u lose. Never able to play the game more the once w/o an ad playing. Very obnoxious to deal w/ and a very dumb way to run a game.

Fun, but way too many ads.

This is a fun game. One minor annoyance is that when the player crashes into the ground and the option to ‘watch an ad to revive’ presents itself. Once the ad starts and ends, instead of returning to the game with the same score it restarts the game :/ Also for a free game that should be fun as it is, the quantity of advertising makes it almost unenjoyable.

Incredible game!

I played this game many months ago, but grew tired of it because of how repetitive it was. I started playing again recently and now there are so many things to do such as levels and the whole coin system. The only thing I don’t like is the other balls that fly around next to you and sort of distract you during your game. Other than that it is a great game with very few bugs


Great leisure game for anyone with hand eye coordination lol

Scam app so many ads

I even paid to remove ads and yet there’s friggin ads in the middle of the game. Had enough of you guys


You won’t experience many ads at first, but the more you play the more ads that give you


I love this app so much!! I play it any time l can. My best is 119 and my goal is 200! Just kinda disappointed about the add glitch. Like other people said,even though l don't hit the revive button,it STILL showed an add! Another issue is that when l tap the,"tap to continue" button,it doesn't continue. The app just crashes. But l still love this app! And l love all the other games this company makes! Keep it up!


It is good

Add more balls and pvp racing

It’s a great game, but would be so much better is pvp. Oh and also something like the battle pass

2 many ads

Seriously lower how many ads there are

Toomany ads

Grate game but wayy to o many ads. I stoped playing just because of the ads


Anytime I die and want to keep going I press the revive button problem solved....right? WRONG! This stupid game tricks you into “reviving” when you die, well don’t press it because all it does is waste you fricken time. Jesus Christ VooDoo. Get your crap together...

Not as good as it used to be

Way harder I used to play all the time but now I don’t. Harder to land then slide no choice but to play with other players last time I played it was an AWSOME GAME..... but now it’s just.... EH


Their is way to many adds I would even get adds In the middle of the game and it’s really anoyying

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