Dune! App Reviews

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Great game!

I love this game! I am hooked on it! It’s really satisfying to play because it is so smooth, there are hardly any ads, and there are lots of different backgrounds, hills and balls that you can earn to choose from. If I could say anything bad it’s that with all the other balls flying around it gets a little confusing, but overall I think this is an amazing game and I think you should definitely try it!👍🏻 (ps. Just a tip if there are so many ads that they are literally making you want to rip your hair out try clicking on the top right corner at any time in the ad and even if there’s not an x most of the time it skips the ad for me😉)

wayyyy to many ads

seriously like wherever you tap theres an ad, and it slows down the game each time. they’re not even silent ads so when you’re listening to music it stops it and you have to manually restart it. this app used to be great. im not paying $3 just so i can have that experience back.

Honest review

I used to love this game and I was so addicted to it. My phone got reset so I kept forgetting to download it again. Well a couple months later I re downloaded it and discovered they made it into a competition. I personally liked it the other way much better. Also every time I open the app and want to play, on my first round I always get an add like 5 seconds into starting. When I exit out of the add it always kills me because it start in such a weird spot. That’s just my opinion, please get the add thing fixed. Thanks for reading this!


Omg this is so good for stress because it’s so smooth and fun👍 You should totally download it😊


Wayyyyyy to many adds. Please,I spent more time waiting for adds to end than I do actually playing the real game. Please take off some adds.

Too many ads

Way too many ads for a game. I get that’s how you pay for these games. But does there need to be an ad that pops out every single time you start a game? When it gives you the option to close the ad it takes you to a pop up window to download another app, and it freezes the app. You start around you get app that freezes the game. The round is over you get an add. It’s hard to enjoy a game when ad pops every 15 seconds.


It’s ALWAYS glitching legit and I mean other then that I like it but PLEASE read this I would give it 5 stars if you fixed it

WoW it’s so smooth

I’m really good and buy most of my skins but it doesn’t matter it’s super awesome


The game itself is great challenging and rewarding but with this adds are a huge problem almost every life I get a add while playing sometimes even two. I wouldn’t mind the adds as much if they only came after I died

Why dunes is awesome

I definitely recommend this game to anybody who is up for a challenge!Even if you are not the best gamer,I can assure you that you will love e it!Dunes is my favorite game right now.❤️❤️

what happened

i had this game last year in like december or something and there were no ads no where add ins no coins nothing. i just re downloaded it again and it’s so stupid now

Nice job

This is a really really fun game and it’s my favorite

Nice game

Very relaxing



اللعبة جميلة ولكن مملة قليلة

لماذا لا تفعلونها اجمل

To much adds

Way too much adds I’m deleting all your games I have 10 games that you made and they all say only $5 bucks for no adds 1 out of 1000000000000 stars too much adds and $5 for every single game I have 10 of your games every time I die in 1 time every time a add pops up wow terrible games

Awesome Game, but...

This started out as a fun and challenging game, but then they replaced the regular game with multiplayer and kinda ruined it.

Love the game. Tooooooo many ads!

The game is so much fun don’t get me wrong! But every time I end up crashing I get a ad. Not cool.

Too many ads to play the game

I have never wrote a review until now, usually I’m okay with an ad between 2-3 rounds of a game in general, I understand the publisher of the game needs to make some sort of money for a free game, but when you load up a game for the first time and click the start button and then play an ad, that’s when I have an issue. At least let your player play through a whole round before you shove an advertisement down their throat, at least. That being said it’s a rather enjoyable game I just wish I could actually play it rather then watch advertisements.

Hi guys

Hey guys I love you have a good night love you so much love you so so much love you guys so so happy to have you so much love you guys so dune buggies is my favorite person to


DONT GET THIS GAME!!! The ads interrupt your game every time and it isn’t fun 🤬🤬🤬🤬

It’s okayish now

I used to love this game, I got so many people to start playing it. Then they made it a competition and ads pop up in the middle of playing the game and cause you to lose. Maybe if the ads popped up when the game started or ended it wouldn’t be so bad.

Pretty ok I guess

The game is an interesting and fun concept, giving me something to do when I’m bored, but there’s a few things. One, you can’t turn of volume for some reason. Please fix :). Also, it seemed really easy to unlock and beat so if you could add things, that’d be cool too

Too many Ads

Personally, I love this game but there is one major problem that makes me hate it, the ads. This game seems like it was just made for ads, I literally get ads when I die, when I want to revive and even in the middle of the game! I’m highly asking for less ads because I’m sure then there would be more positive reviews.


I’m garbage at it

It kept buzzing

I thinks it’s good but the buzz is distracting

Fun game annoying ads

Good entertaining fun but the ads are annoying

Ads ads ads

Annoying ads every other play.

Its great!

I’m addicted to it, no denying that. However, it is a bit glitchy when playing it, but overall it is a wonderful game that I would recommend to anyone.

Thank you for making it it’s good crazy


Discount tiny wings

Pretty much same concept, free but ads spammed every other run. Beautiful design

Way too many ads

And really isn’t that fun

Nice game needs no ads


It’s cool I would give it 4 but listen why I gave 5

Ok so I gave 5 because THE GAME IS AWSOME but it’s just frustrating when u have to play and collect coins can you make and update were u can actually Buy coins Like 100 Coins is 99 Cents and 200 Coins 1 Dollar And 1,000 Coins Like 4 Dollars Please can u do that update Respond to me if you can.


I love this game so much

Real good

Keep it up

My first iPhone game

This was my first iPhone game so you can see why I love it (or not) just download it again (I had deleted it for some reason I don’t remember) and I like the update voodoo is the best game developer 🐺


Every time I die I get a 15 to 30 second ad which is okay, but now every time I start a game it will give me an ad in the middle of the game.


Please get control of ur adds. The challenges are IMPOSSIBLE. otherwise it would’ve gotten 4 I get an add every 2 times I get duned.

Soooooo many adds!!!!!

Fun but to many adds! I don’t even play this game much anymore! 😕

What happened?

I used to love this game so much. I loved the skins, I loved the gameplay, I loved everything. I stopped playing it a while back, and I recently found it again. I remembered how much I liked it, so I downloaded it. But now this game is a load of crap. I understand it’s hard to make games, but jeez. There are so many ads, I hate the fact that it’s an online game now and I would like it if you would either make it a single player game or add the option to play it by yourself, and get rid of the coins. I liked how the game used to be about collecting the skins by doing challenges and stuff.

Too many ads

Got 3 ads in only 2 games


This is actually pretty nice. Just because its on lots of ads doesn’t mean it bad.

Inappropriate ads

I enjoy this game as does my 10 year old son. He plays on my phone when supervised. He requested that input it on his iPad and I just can allow him to play unsupervised due to the ads that you choose to run. Please clean up your ad content, this is a good game.


It was using too much beeping

Ad review

They say they have ads but they do


Every time you lose there is an ad. Money hungry company

WAYYYY to many ads

When ever I start to play and I’m in the middle of playing! An ad will pop up and I will die! do NOT get this game!


So laggy and phone vibrates when hitting the ground

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