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The ads ruin all the fun. They have been popping up when I’m in a middle of a game!!!! Stop!!!!!! CREATOR GET THE MEMO!!!!!

Too many ads with this company

I have a lot of games made by voodoo. They make good games, don't get me wrong. They just have way too many ads. What gets me going is when I'm playing Dune and all of a sudden, in the middle of gameplay, an ad shows up. Like seriously, can't it wait?? Also there are too many; at least one every turn. Start showing fewer ads, like one every five, or one every four.

So fun!!

This game is so addicting and fun

Cool game but who placed the ads?

An ad right in the middle if my run? You got to be kidding me. Uninstall

Way Too Many Ads

I keep having this problem where I start the game and 5 seconds into playing I get an ad. When I lose it gives me the option to watch an ad to keep playing. Whether I press the button or not I get an ad. Ads, ads, ads, ads, ads. For me the sheer volume of ads is enough to draw me away from playing this otherwise really cool game.


Okay I do admit I like this game a lot. But it is just annoying with the ads. There are way to many that an app should have. I don’t want to delete it but it makes me really truly frustrated when an ad comes up every time I fail. It is just plain annoying. Everything e I try to press something an ad has to come up before i get to do anything.




I like it it’s very addicting It adds a lot of power it’s very good Thank you for making


why are other people playing with you at the same time? it makes it confusing and hard to see my own ball. when i look up youtube gameplays of this game it seems no one else is in the game besides the person playing!

Ads pop up mid game

Worst ads on any mobile game I’ve owned. I’ve had ads ruin my high score.


This game is fun but it has waaaay to many adds. This game is mostly add which it makes it not fun. TAKE OUT SOME ADDS PLZZZ


Life hack, put your phone on airplane mode.. BOOM! No adds!!! Your welcome 😤


This game is addictive but when u get really high in the game it is hard to go down

This game is



I really enjoyed it

Add in middle of gameplay

It’s a really good game. I like the new feature with the coins, it just bugs me when I see a friggin’ Skittles add when I’m trying to play

So much fun before

It was so much fun when it was very simplistic but since you added the coins and the other balls (or whatever they are) landing around mine, it just got kind of annoying. It was a good way to relieve a little bit of stress and have fun while bored but now it’s not. Is there a way to remove these features? I just want my bare, fun game back.


When I die in game it says "Watch an ad to revive" and "Tap to continue", but when i tap to continue, it brings up an ad anyway! Just be more specific with where you put your ads, or don't have as many ads.

not suggested

i tried this app and im not intrested, in the middle of the game it gives me an ad.... IN THE MIDDLE OF A GAME

Good but........

This game is awesome but the is way to many add, every time you die there is an ad This is an awesome game but the ads ruin it Also to unlock new balls there is a quest you have to do, but sometimes it doesn’t give you good instructions, for example to unlock a ball it just said stay still, what does that even mean Also every time I am playing in the middle of me playing there is a ad And it messes the hole game up But you can put the phone on airplane mode and it will not show you any apps That is what is have been doing every time I play the game, but it is annoying have to put my hole phone on airplane mode just to play that one game


I get ads after every try. I don’t click revive but I still get an ad. It’s literally after EVERY try and death I have. It’s really annoying. It need to change. But the game is fun so I’ll give you that.


So I like the game a lot, but there are quite a few adds and sometimes they pop up right in the middle of playing and they mess you up! Just thought everyone who is thinking about downloading this game should know! You should also know this is a VERY FUN AND SATISFYING GAME!!! If it weren’t for the adds, I would play this all day long honestly. Fun game, but it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth the adds! Personally, I think it’s worth getting and playing.

I USED to love this game...

This game used to be one of my favorites, but ever since you changed it I've been having some real problems. First off, why are there other balls on the screen besides your own when you're playing? I don't like them at all. First of all they're distracting and secondly they detract from the natural beauty and simplicity of the game. Next, my game is extremely glitchy and that is extremely annoying. Finally, ads every time I die? Come on. This used to be my favorite game, and it was extremely addictive, but these new "improvements" you added have made it virtually unplayable (for me, at least).



The best game ever

Dune is the best game I’ve played it is practically the only game I play.


I love


I can’t believe how good this game is!!!!


I LOvE this app and all the other voodoo games.Also I love the new improvements, but I also have an idea for the next update. I think you should add a multiplayer mode so you can play with other people/friends.

It’s fun

I love the game it’s a lot of fun you did a great job! Make more fun games!

Rlly ppl???

Okay, so lots of reviews state that there’s to many adds, and I agree. But if this is how you found the app, like me, adds are more useful than you think. Lots of ppl say that there are adds every time you die, but there isn’t. One improvement is needed tho. YOU NEED TO ADD MUSIC! Also checkpoints that give you coins would be really nice. Sorry for the long review but ppl need to hear this!!! How much is needed to remove adds? Like $3, right? So if you want to come write a review just to yell at the creator, just go save your time and get the $3 add removal. If you say that there are adds after that than just delete the app. Giving the app bad ratings is the same as deleting the game. And did I mention that I got this app just to right this review? Well I tried out the game and its really fun!! Just one thing tho. If my improvements are made, I will give the game a five star. It’s not perfect but I’ll give a four star until then. Unless I have seen something other than that, I love the game great job. And one last thing, would you guys stop cussing in your reviews I’ve seen at least 15 reviews. Thank you for your time. Sincerely - Shadow13


dune is so awsome i got it yesterday and thats like the only game i play its amazing

Ughh ok

It’s too challenging there is no enjoyment


It is a really fun game, but I hate when I am about to get a new record then a ad pops up that I can’t get out of, which kills me


Great game but the ads are fr annoying


it’s too confusing i don’t get it

Great game

Free and addicting games

Satisfying and Annoying

The gameplay is really fun and addictive, but just about every other time you fail (which is VERY often in the beginning) the game will interrupt you with an ad. You also can’t turn down or off the in game volume, so I can’t listen to music while playing.

Good game but omg the adds

Please, it’s a really good game don’t destroy it by adding so many ads.

Good game

It’s a good game but the ads.

Let me get started

App drains the battery like I’m at 23% and then two games later like 15% almost it drains it to fast. Something else is theirs to many ads

Amazing but....

Way too many ads and I keep losing I don’t even know how overall it is a great game

Awesome but,

The game used to be so easy you could reach 200 pretty awesome but now it’s a lot harder. Another thing I hate about it is so much adds. There’s so much I don’t want to play the game. Ok I get it it’s how the company makes money by it’s just ridiculous. The game is very fun and addictive. I like be all of the skins and backgrounds though.


I HATE how it shows an ad as soon as you start playing, it takes my sound away after the ad finishes and so I exit the app to get my sound working again and it does the exact same thing!!! >:(

To boring

This game is two boring and not worth my time , a lot of your other games are good but I got a ton of adds and on the add for this it said you can do more you just need to improve it and make it more interesting with less adds


Hey I love this game but I don’t like the vibration every time you die or do a good thing

Good but to many adds

I have to turn off my internet to play basically


This game is really fun. I like the challenge!!!

This game is hard

This year I was going through the game I got a game for you to come home to the house I will be here for a little bit I have a few more friends here I will let them go home I have to work at the end and then I’ll call the school for a couple hours I have a call at the office I have a question and you have to do it

Pretty cool, hard, but fun and time wasting

I downloaded this game and thought it would be easy, but it is actually is pretty hard. But it is awesome and time wasting.

Awesome game

Awesome game

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